James Mullan

James Mullan has worked in the legal sector since 2001. He is an advocate of social media tools and has been talking about how these tools can be used by information professionals and organisations since 2005. James is a Past President of BIALL and in 2009 won the Wildy-BIALL Law Librarian of the year award for his use of social media tools. Outside of work James is a keen runner and maintains his own blog called "The Running Librarian". You can follow James on Twitter @jamesmullan6 or friend him on Facebook.

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Articles by James Mullan:

Mini Review of Thomson Reuters ProView
Tuesday, 18th August 2015

The legal sector lags well behind the consumer sector in the use of ebooks but could this change with the ebook application Thomson Reuters ProView? In his mini review of the app James Mullan assesses whether it could be the key to a transition in lawyers' ways of working.

The KM Guide - Your Helping Hand through the Content Maze
Monday, 25th May 2015

Have you or do you currently work in knowledge management? Is your role to gather and guard information, or to act as a knowledge guide, helping users to discover and learn about the information and tools available to them? James Mullan ponders the question asked recently by V Mary Abraham, an American knowledge management expert.

A Whole New World of Information Overload
Friday, 15th May 2015

How many times have you diligently checked your email over the weekend so you don't have to deal with the email overload on Monday, only to realise that information overload isn't just about email? For a while now information overload has actually meant more than email, it has meant managing the almost constant stream of messages from social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others. Whilst tools such as Delve and Clutter are springing up to help manage and search emails, the question is how users can manage this flow of information whilst still ensuring they get the most out of what can be very useful tools.

Becoming More Productive with Office 365
Tuesday, 12th May 2015

It probably won't comes as much of surprise to many people that we're not as productive as we could be. Emails, phone calls, questions from colleagues and meetings mean the time that we can actually spend working is becoming less and less. In light of this many vendors are looking at how they can facilitate better productivity by providing enhancement to existing tools. The latest company to do so is Microsoft, which has developed a number of enhancements of Office 365, which would seem to enrich the experience and help make users more productive.

Houston We Have a Problem - the Challenge of Knowledge Management
Thursday, 23rd April 2015

On the face of it managing knowledge within an organisation might seem an easy undertaking. However, articles published recently have highlighted how difficult it can be to manage tacit and explicit knowledge within an organisation and some of the challenges of doing so. In this article James Mullan looks at challenges and opportunities, such as big data, and how knowledge and information professionals can work to make critical knowledge available within their organisations.

Reports by James Mullan: