Optimising Your Information Service
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Research teams need to deliver on more requirements whilst managing with flat or reduced resources.

Jinfo supports your ability to scale information services, with expertise and resources across the full range of optimisation steps:

  • Setting strategy
  • Environmental assessment
  • Workflow modeling
  • Service delivery
  • Continuous improvement
  • Stakeholder engagement

Summary  and worksheet (PDF)
Summary and worksheet
(Two-page PDF)

Our practical assistance, approach and proprietary resources will:

  • Reshape your thinking on service management and delivery
  • Guide operational, technological and personnel enhancements
  • Improve visibility into capacity and performance
  • Enable better communication with stakeholders and internal customers.

Video summary for optimising a team of researchers
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Case Study
Re-engineering research service delivery [new]

Read consulting case studyTwo separate departments in a busy professional services firm were undergoing a merger, as part of an overhaul of the entire knowledge and insights function. Learn how Jinfo Consulting helped created a structure and process for analysing and re-engineering workflows.

Read case study (PDF)

"The workshop was an enormous success, both for team-building and energy, as well as for the practical results that would support re-engineering the service."

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