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Wednesday, 11th January 2017

By Deb Hunt


My Favourite Tipples are shared by Deb Hunt, principal of Information Edge and library director at the Mechanics' Institute in San Francisco. She shares favourite resources in areas from the latest business thinking to digital asset management.


As a strategic knowledge professional, my focus is on document, digital asset and enterprise content management as well as strategic planning. My passion to share with colleagues is transferable skills for librarians and information professionals. The following websites make it possible to stay ahead of the curve:

The following websites make it possible to stay ahead of the curve:

  • DAM Guru: This is a free global network of over 900 digital asset management (DAM) professionals. It connects DAM experts with those who need their expertise. Looking for a job or consulting work in DAM? Looking to hire a DAM expert? DAM Guru also provides DAM learning resources (webinars, webliography, websites, blogs, and conference). Everything on the site is free.
  • The Business Source: This resource keeps me up to date on the latest in business books. I subscribe to the silver plan and get two summaries per month including video, text (web, PDF, Kindle, and additional formats) and audio. The text is approximately 3,500 words, supplemented with very useful video and audio. In less than an hour a month, I can keep up on great reads, learn new leadership skills and if I'm really intrigued, find and read the entire book.  There are gold, platinum and enterprise plans as well.
  • Gurteen Knowledge Letter: Although it can be a little overwhelming, David Gurteen has amassed an extensive knowledge base on knowledge management and knowledge sharing (KMKS) on his main site. I find that his monthly Knowledge Letter provides a narrower, quick overview of what's happening in the KMKS world and is a fast read. If you want more in-depth knowledge, see the next resource.
  • SMRShare: From the father of knowledge services, Guy St. Clair, this is the gold standard for KMKS content that is timeless and an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced KMKS professionals. Topics range from change management to building the knowledge culture to everything in between and the content offers both theoretical underpinnings as well as actionable strategies.

An article in Jinfo which I found particularly interesting:

  • "Librarians and data scientists - rivals, replacements or reciprocal relationship?" In my opinion, Amy Affelt is the perfect person to write this article. Her MLIS degree coupled with her experience and expertise in big data demonstrate the transferable skills information specialists/librarians can grow to become more invaluable to their organisations. She provides concrete strategies for librarians to become "Algorithm Accountability Reviewers". 


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