Victoria Alford Competitive intelligence meets current awareness in Aurora FirstLight
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Monday, 5th February 2018

By Victoria Alford


The current awareness and competitive intelligence space offers many options in terms of complexity of product and platform. Where does Aurora FirstLight sit in this mix?


Stake your claim in the success of data analyticsAurora FirstLight is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform and competitive intelligence product that can mine, gather, analyse and distribute critical insights to help organisations make better, more informed decisions.

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One small step for an organisation, one giant leap for current awareness

Aurora FirstLight is aimed at information professionals, competitive intelligence staff, market research departments, sales teams, and marketing and business development staff. For managers and executives working in these fields, help in making important strategic decisions is vital.

For these organisations, Aurora FirstLight boasts the ability to take current awareness one step further.

Read our review to find out who Jinfo thinks would get the most value from using this product - and why.


Using machine learning for a competitive intelligence edge

So how is Aurora FirstLight taking current awareness to the next level? By using machine-learning algorithms to search through a range of public and private data sources. 

It's also interesting that the product's future plans include introducing gamification techniques to help leaders "boost their confidence in decision-making and stay one step ahead of their competition".

Jinfo's 32-page review of Aurora FirstLight delves further into the product, concentrating on:

  • An intricate and informative summary of the product's technology, including user interface, dashboard and widgets
  • How to add a newsfeed
  • Adding a newsletter using the built-in template and customising it with your own branding
  • The value of Aurora FirstLight, and whether its experience as a research company has helped it create an ideal product for information professionals and data analysts
  • Who FirstLight considers to be its competitors
  • Pricing - three pricing options are explained
  • Jinfo's likes and dislikes - including issues we had as a new user, and how they were solved by FirstLight.

As with testing any product, there will always be issues. Our reviewer did have to contact FirstLight's support team, and felt they responded quickly and adequately.

Read our full report to find out how Jinfo felt that FirstLight dealt with the issues we had, and what our reviewer felt could be improved.

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