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Bring Jinfo insight in-house with Jinfo Consulting Briefings.

We digest, interpret and expand on our unique industry research to advance your team's thinking, planning and action.

Jinfo Consulting Briefings are:


Delivered via online meeting, we meet you wherever you are: strategy retreat, sales conference, board room or team meeting.


Focused on your real-world needs and requirements, closing the gap between theory and action.


Planned, designed, and delivered in partnership with you.

Briefings available:

State of the industry


Timely insights


"Our [content portfolio] briefing updated our knowledge of best practice – documenting our product evaluations properly, working with end-users to help them understand the difference between licensing and purchasing, and establishing consistent processes across the team. The reminder to re-invest in the basics is so helpful, especially from an external party."

"We've received quarterly briefings as a valuable added service to our Jinfo Subscription for the past two years. These briefings bring Jinfo's industry research and market findings to life, providing detail from behind the research and helping us better understand the professional information market. The briefings also afford our team the ability to ask questions and drill deeper into topics that help us understand how we can better support our customers."

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Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi, Senior analyst"I'm Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi, Senior analyst for Jinfo.

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Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi

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