"Assessment and planning workshop"
Jinfo Consulting Workshop

Get a tailored view on how you compare with peer organisations, and then use it to hone your strengths while working on weaknesses.

Purchase Jinfo's benchmarking-based assessment and planning workshop and you'll get:

  • Custom report comparing your department to peers with similar reporting structure, services and staff capacity
  • Personal walk-through and interpretation of the data with a Jinfo analyst
  • Online workshop to turn insights into actions, creating a practical plan of prioritised next steps.
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"The whole assessment process was valuable. Even the survey questions highlighted gaps and opportunities in our service. The assessment results are very clear. It's great to see places where we are in alignment with the majority of our peers. However, more meaningful are the areas where we are out of step with most information teams. The process really doesn't take long and has clear benefits for my team."
Senior manager of information services, professional services/consulting

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