"Holistic content portfolio management"
Jinfo Consulting Workshop

Your portfolio of information products and services is more than a collection of contracts. It is an investment in driving and enabling key business activities.

Jinfo's approach to holistic content portfolio management gives you a strategic approach to organising, managing, and enhancing the value of those investments. As a result, you have better vendor relationships, more meaningful dialogue with stakeholders, and actual metrics to report and improve value over time.

With this workshop you will:

Holistic content portfolio management
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  • Analyse the context for value of information products and services
  • Identify the key data points for determining value
  • Build a portfolio management framework to manage based on "why" and not "what".

As a result you will shift your thinking – and reporting – away from individual products and budget line items toward a strategic, holistic view.

This three-session online workshop will give you a new way to measure and manage your content portfolio, as well as how to communicate about it with stakeholders.

"An absolute master-class on how to do this."
Director of information services, global law firm

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