"Optimise your operations"
Jinfo Consulting Workshop

Spend your team's valuable time on the most valuable work – optimise operations to align with the important things that require your unique expertise in information.

Jinfo's process of optimisation enables you to break down activities into smaller pieces, so that you can practice SOAPS: Streamline, Outsource, Automate, Push back, Stop doing. By doing so, you reduce the burden of lower-value tasks to free up capacity for high-value activities.

Optimise your operations
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With this workshop you will:

  • Determine what "value" looks like for team operations
  • Document how your team operates and identify targets for SOAPS
  • Measure results of optimisation efforts, to ensure you are achieving your goals
  • Implement a process of continuous improvement.

As a result, you'll develop optimised operations, in which people and technology are each doing what they do best.

This three-session online workshop teaches these principles and provides hands-on exercises giving you immediate progress towards efficiency.

Whether your team works remotely or in-person, applying the principles of optimisation ensure your work is valuable, visible, and resilient against sudden change.

"We've been going through Jinfo's team optimisation program, which is so practical and easy to do that you hardly notice you're doing work process re-engineering."
Senior information director, manufacturing

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