Jinfo for Vendors

Leverage our insights on customers, products, and the competitive marketplace

You care deeply about your customers and products. So do we.

That's because we share a customer base: information professionals who influence and make decisions about content, information, data and platforms for their organisations.

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This is the customer we've spent the last 20+ years supporting with product reviews and market landscapes:

  • They turn to us for insights into what's changing with the competitive marketplace, technology, and user requirements
  • They trust us, and they are happy to share their opinions and expertise in support of a strong commercial marketplace for information products and services.

We can put our experience to work for you.

Use Jinfo Consulting for:

  • Voice of the customer research and insights
  • Unbiased competitive and marketplace analyses, alerts and updates
  • Development and prioritisation of your product roadmaps
  • Improved focus on customer language and needs in your sales presentations and other communications
  • Engaging and effective user group meetings, customer summits and thought leadership development
  • Sales team training and coaching
  • Conception and development of content-based marketing.
Quarterly Briefings

We understand your customers, their wants and needs, and their burning issues. We know your market, your competitors, and how well your USPs perform in the marketplace.

Quarterly Briefings deliver all this to you, through a personal relationship with a Jinfo analyst who can filter and interpret our research to give you insights, thought leadership talking points, marketplace intelligence and more.

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Vendor workshops

Turbocharge your sales

Even the best sales processes need periodic updates. Jinfo Consulting applies our buy-side knowledge directly to your pipeline and processes, through an efficient, proven process.

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New perspective on your customers through benchmarking

Each of your customers and prospects has a different way to configure information strategy, decision-making and management. Gain research-based insight on these variations through Jinfo's benchmarking data.

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"I really value our competitive briefing sessions with Jinfo. You have helped us with our go-to-market strategy for a number of years, mainly around where we should focus our product strategy, how we should be messaging, and where the gaps, threats and opportunities are. We get great insights every time."

"We've received quarterly briefings as a valuable added service to our Jinfo Subscription for the past two years. These briefings bring Jinfo's industry research and market findings to life, providing detail from behind the research and helping us better understand the professional information market. The briefings also afford our team the ability to ask questions and drill deeper into topics that help us understand how we can better support our customers."

Case studies

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Ensure your product roadmap is leading the way

Learn how Jinfo's in-depth market understanding feeds into product development through feature testing, comparisons against best-of-breed and competitors, and how it helped our customer revise their roadmap at their international sales and marketing summit.

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"The report's comparisons enabled the team to work out customer-centric priorities for feature development."

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Improve your sales demonstrations

Learn how Jinfo's practical comments, revisions and suggestions on presentation decks and collateral had an immediate impact on the ability of the sales team to speak the language of their prospects.

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"Jinfo's years of work with the target market for this product made us the ideal sounding board."

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