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We focus on optimising information expertise on sources, technology and value, wherever it resides in an organisation. We take a broad view on information expertise, identifying patterns, success characteristics and best practices. more


Research Focus

Read about the Research Focus: Strategic Alignment of IS and IT"Strategic Alignment of IS and IT"
January - March 2016

Enables content experts and technology experts to better understand, work together and achieve mutual goals around the value of information in their businesses.
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The Jinfo Subscription connects your information services team with the ideas, examples, tools and expertise you need to build and support information strategy in your organisation. more


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The platform where we publish our research-based insights as case studies, product reviews and strategic guidance through articles, reports and webinars.

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Discuss and explore our insights and your information challenges through peer-to-peer engagement in Communities of Practice.

Jinfo Subscription: Community

Tailors our insights to your needs through one-on-one bespoke assistance with your own projects.

Jinfo Subscription: Consulting

Latest Content

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Subscription Report
1st February

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29th January

Click to read this Subscription ReportProduct Review of Key Note
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29th January


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21st Jan 2016

"Product Review of DueDil" and "Q&A with Cortera - Analysing US Business Information"

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News about how our original and practical content, community and consulting raises the value of information in your enterprise.

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5th February
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4th February

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"Jinfo is very practical and provides clear actionable advice based on real life case studies.
ROI articles are really helpful when looking to demonstrate the value of information."

Senior Information Officer
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