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  • Directing knowledge management
  • Establishing information strategy
  • Delivering internal research services.

Save time using our original research and practical resources. Define, communicate and measure information value. Reinvent information services through insight into what the best companies do.

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Our unique insights, trend analysis and practical guidance are available through Content, Community and Consulting


Articles, reports and webinars that help you save time and money and plan for the future... any time, without leaving your desk.

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An unmatched forum for frank, confidential discussions with your peers, based on our original insights and proprietary tools.

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Bring our insights in-house. We'll work with you to make strategic changes in operations, enhance stakeholder relationships and future-proof your information service.

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November 2017

"Thank you for the walkthrough yesterday. I did find it very useful and it reminds me how much great information is available on Jinfo."

Andrew Phenix, Information Services Manager, Wilsons Solicitors LLP

November 2017

"Our strategy was stuck on third base. Thanks to Jinfo Consulting, we're on our way home."

Director, information research center, Insurance

November 2017

"I do a lot of reading with Jinfo and other materials and what I really like about Jinfo is that it's one of those information sources really pertinent to us a small corporate research service centre. Sometimes sources only offer a component of what interests us - Jinfo is comprehensive so I really appreciate that. It really deals with the issues we're looking at."

Dany Lessard - Manager, Research and Information Centre, Business Development Bank of Canada

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