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April 2022

"I worked with a Jinfo analyst to move into a more strategic leadership role, even though I operate as a solo expert in my organisation. As we worked on the principles of leadership, I was surprised to realise how much I was already doing without knowing it. This was a paradigm shift. Because of the work I did with Jinfo, I am able to communicate the value of the services I provide in a very different way."

Information Analyst, energy industry

March 2022

"Our stakeholder engagement efforts undertaken with Jinfo's guidance have truly paid off now that we're facing a reorganisation. Five of our stakeholders are considering if we should report to them; we've asked each of them to 'pitch' to us why we belong in their division. Instead of waiting for a decision, we're putting ourselves in the middle of it."

Head of Information Services, investment bank

March 2022

"[As a Jinfo client] we are challenged to better understand what drives innovation in R&D. The closer we get to R&D processes, the more we can ensure that information drives the right results."

Head of Knowledge Solutions, Digital R&D, manufacturing

February 2022

"[Working on stakeholder engagement], we formulated an introductory email [to request meetings with stakeholders]. With help from Jinfo, we had a 90% success rate the first time around. It was amazing – once we started reaching out to the business, everyone wanted to talk to us. We have been really lucky to have Jinfo nudging us forward."

Head of Information, financial institution

February 2022

"While setting up our goals for the year, we made sure that all the work we were doing brought us back to one of those goals. Jinfo helped us to learn to do this, and it meant that we learned how to say 'No' to things if they didn't further a goal."

Research Services Manager, law firm

January 2022

"By working with Jinfo, we had to think deeper about our role and how we support our colleagues in R&D. Jinfo enabled me to develop a different perspective of our work in the context of the wider business."

Knowledge Content and Licence Management, manufacturing

January 2022

"In the weeks since she started working with Jinfo, I've already seen an enormous difference in our head [of information services]. She's more confident, more strategic, and presents the expertise of her team in a whole different way. I always knew she had it in her to be a leader – you've helped bring it out of her."

Head of third-party management and business insights, financial services

"One of the things we like about Jinfo is our access to really practical tools we can apply and reapply again."

Lead, External Information and Knowledge Management, agribusiness

"Even though I have been doing this a long time, it is always helpful to engage in the Community sessions. It's helpful to validate what has or has not been successful for me personally. With this session in particular, the live role-play is invaluable. Sharing ideas is one thing, but seeing those ideas 'in practice' makes the difference. Body language, tone of voice, etc. sometimes can be just as impactful as the information itself in a negotiation."

Global External Data Licensing Leader, professional services industry

"The Community sessions allow me to look at situations from another point of view. It's easy to get bogged down in the same way of doing things and looking at situations, and often it's difficult to get out of those habits. And I like knowing that I am part of a supportive community of professionals who are willing to share their expertise."

Information Resources Manager, financial services industry