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"This was my first Jinfo session – very worthwhile – excited about the professional development opportunities that Jinfo represents…"

Information leader - talent management

"Thanks for the great webinars and content you've produced in 2023 - looking forward to more in 2024"

Information leader - legal

December 2023

"Like all teams, we have no shortage of ideas but Jinfo enabled us to document our strategy and prioritise our deliverables."

Information leader, professional services

"Everything Jinfo is doing right now is absolutely on point and so relevant for my needs."

Information leader, legal

"I really appreciate all your work, it has really enabled me to step up and be confident in my new role"

Information leader, financial services

"When it comes to my Jinfo subscription renewal, it's an absolute no brainer."

Information leader, legal

"Wow! It's crazy how this is changing our world so quickly..." I am not on top of things at all with AI... but this helped bring me up to speed."

Information Leader, Legal

"I really enjoyed the Community session on generative AI and the follow up article. It's fascinating to learn what others are doing with this technology."

Data Librarian, financial services

"This checklist is awesome! It's also extremely timely as I'm being asked to formalise a lot of purchasing processes."

Information Leader, government agency

May 2023

"Jinfo Consulting helped us work through all our ideas, identify our priorities and define our deliverables. Now we have everything documented in a detailed project plan; the whole team is engaged and excited to be moving forward."

Information Leader, professional services