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March 2021

"Our [content portfolio] briefing updated our knowledge of best practice – documenting our product evaluations properly, working with end-users to help them understand the difference between licensing and purchasing, and establishing consistent processes across the team. The reminder to re-invest in the basics is so helpful, especially from an external party."

Global administrator of information contracts, consulting firm

March 2021

"We love the results of the work we did with Jinfo Consulting. We live by our Pillars of Service and have completely structured all our work around them. It really resonated with the whole team. For us, it's a launch pad."

External information resources manager, global pharmaceutical company

August 2020

"As a result of working with Jinfo Consulting we have identified six key decisions to improve our stakeholder relationships for the long term. We feel like we have already made progress on this, and know we still have work to do. We need to be smart about making the tools and processes easy to use, with clear benefits to how we work, and not a burden!"

Lead, information and knowledge management, global agribusiness

August 2020

"We were keen to develop user groups in response to customer requests. Thanks to Jinfo"s expertise, guidance, and support, we designed and implemented online user groups successfully, bringing us into closer relationship with our customers and their needs while educating them about how to get more value from our offering."

CEO of Library Software provider

July 2020

"Without your insights, encouragement, and asking the difficult questions, we would not be where we are today. You encouraged us to be creative, stretch our expectations, and let go of "old" thinking and doing."

Manager, knowledge and information resources, financial industry

July 2020

"The webinar helped put a frame around what can be expected and how something can be achieved with all team members."

Barbara Reissland, owner, Library Consult

June 2020

"We adjusted our communications strategy after working with Jinfo, and it shows in our social media metrics. Both our number of followers and our amount of post interaction has increased, indicating higher levels of engagement with our content."

Manager of information service, consumer goods

June 2020

"The Research Focus on the Information Centre of Excellence offered great content on how to present ourselves more effectively and become more visible [in the organisation]."

Information and resource manager, high-tech manufacturing company

May 2020

"Excellent consulting work with Jinfo laid the foundation for a lot of the objectives we accomplished last year. Jinfo helped us outline the strengths and weaknesses of our setup and helped us develop way to boost our impact and credibility. We were able to create a plan that was fully endorsed with enthusiasm by our CEO."

Director, global insights, international standards organisation

"Jinfo"s Subscription content gets me to new and effective approaches faster, gives me a fresh perspective and moves me along on our research - I can quickly get to a point where I can make a recommendation and move on."

Head of information, finance sector