Value Chain

Focus on Value Chain

Yes, you CAN measure - and communicate - the value of information products and services.

Document the value chain, and transform the way you think about, manage and report on your product portfolio and your information service contributions to your organisation goals.

In these resources you'll find sample analyses of: Efficiency · Innovation · Generating revenue · Risk management · Transparency · Making smarter decisions

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Start your analysis of the value chain here

Use the activities outlined and described in these articles to analyse, develop and report on your contributions to value in your organisation

Defining success through the value chain

Learn how the value chain can help you define and communicate your contributions

How well do you know the value chain?

Reassess your assumptions about where information builds value, so that you can measure it effectively

Your contributions to the value chain

Learn to examine your contributions to business goals like efficiency, innovation and revenue growth

Measurement - selecting and collecting data

Consider and select datapoints that contribute to demonstrating value

Putting the value chain together

Create effective, value-driven reports to communicate with stakeholders

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How do other information teams do it? Community dialogue

There's no "right" way to work with your value chain. When you participate in Jinfo Community sessions, you have the opportunity to get - and share - valuable real-world experiences with these challenges

Jinfo Consulting on Value Chain

Analysing and working with your value chain is one of the most important fundamentals you can master.

Get tailored assistance from a Jinfo analyst to fast-track your progress, avoid the most common pitfalls and design an approach that works for your environment.

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Consulting Pilot on Value Chain

Establish the ROI to your organisation of investing time in value chain analysis while learning and practicing the core principles.

Jinfo's Consulting Pilot on Value Chain gets you started and tailors the process to your environment.

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Consulting Pilot

Resources in this Focus

Additional background on the core principles

"Documenting the value chain" was constructed as an initial analysis of the primary goals of most organisations.

Review these articles: