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Focus on Content Portfolio

Become a more strategic content portfolio manager.

Use the methodologies provided in our Focus on Content Portfolio to:

  • Develop a metrics-based approach to managing and enhancing the value of your content portfolio
  • Strengthen your negotating position
  • Improving your dialogue with stakeholders for more strategic decision-making on portfolio management
  • Collaborate with your peers in the industry on tricky challenges relating to pricing, content markets, licensing options and more.

Your portfolio of information products and services is more than a collection of contracts. It is an investment that drives and enables key business activities.

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"The opportunity to talk through [an upcoming renewal] with a neutral party helped reset my perspective on a challenging negotiation. It reminded me that I have control, and I do not have to comply with what a supplier has asked of me when I have good reasons for not doing so. It helped me define my key concerns – being able to pinpoint exactly what I need to focus on in negotiations and where I need to start gathering evidence. Most of all, it helped my confidence in dealing with the vendor."

Resource Manager for Strategic Insights, international accounting firm

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