Stephen Phillips
Lead Analyst

Stephen joined Jinfo in 2020 as a senior analyst, specialising in Content Portfolio and Value Chain. He has over 35 years' experience of information management and research.

Prior to joining Jinfo, Stephen was global Head of Business Information and Analytics at Morgan Stanley, a major global investment bank. In this role he managed a large research team and an extensive content portfolio.

His experience ranges from developing strategy and optimising services, to enhancing transparency and accountability to maximise value. Whilst at Morgan Stanley he created a peer network of information managers for the UK financial services industry.

Stephen is a non-executive director of M&A Monitor and leads business development in EMEA for Couranto. He contributed to the latest edition of "The Emerald Handbook of Modern Information Management". He is on the editorial board of Business Information Review, regularly contributing articles and running their annual survey.

Stephen is a trustee of the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (CILIP) and was 2021 Conference Chair for SLA Europe, having previously served as Chapter President. He regularly participates in product advisory boards, industry think tanks, events and conferences.

Stephen can be contacted at

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Articles by Stephen Phillips:

Mainstream GenAI, emerging vendors and your offshore resourcing strategy
Wednesday, 8th May 2024

How is GenAI revealing new insights from traditional datasets, and challenging the economics of offshore resourcing strategies?

Offshoring, Outsourcing or AI-Sourcing?
Thursday, 25th April 2024

The world of business information and research work has seen a significant shift towards outsourcing and offshoring over the past 25 years. 

This article explores the benefits of offshoring, outsourcing, and AI-sourcing for legacy processes and context-specific tasks that require bespoke processes.

AI prompting and AI-sourcing, US private companies, and Jinfo on YouTube
Wednesday, 10th April 2024

When crafting AI prompts, think reference interview meets Boolean operators. What impact will AI have on outsourcing and offshoring?  Can you help us with our latest research into US Private company data?

AI practical actions, prompting and outsourcing
Wednesday, 6th March 2024

How are Jinfo clients getting to grips with AI? How can you craft better AI prompts? Is AI-sourcing a viable alternative to offshoring/outsourcing? What's a Jinfo Jamboree?

How are Jinfo clients getting to grips with AI?
Thursday, 29th February 2024

A recent Community discussion revealed that 100% of attendees are now using AI tools but that few have a clear path for using the technology on a day-to-day basis.  

Jinfo has collated some practical things you can be doing to get involved with AI.

Reports by Stephen Phillips:

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Tuesday, 9th April 2024

ESG information market developments and key suppliers
Monday, 12th February 2024

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Thursday, 21st December 2023

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Friday, 1st December 2023

In a recent Jinfo Com...

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Thursday, 16th November 2023