Stephen Phillips
Lead Analyst

Stephen joined Jinfo in 2020 as a senior analyst specialising in Content Portfolio and Value Chain. He has over 35 years’ experience of information management and research.

Prior to joining Jinfo he was global Head of Business Information Management at a major investment bank where he managed an extensive content portfolio. His experience ranges from developing strategy and optimising services, to enhancing transparency and accountability to maximise value. Whilst in this role he created and maintained a peer to peer network of information managers across UK financial services.

Stephen contributed a chapter on resourcing strategies to the "The Emerald Handbook of Modern Information Management". He is also on the editorial board of Business Information Review, contributing articles and running their annual survey.

Stephen is a trustee of the Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (CILIP) and 2021 Conference Chair for SLA Europe, having previously served as Chapter President. He regularly participates in product advisory boards, industry think tanks, events and conferences.

Stephen can be contacted at

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Articles by Stephen Phillips:

Is the client always right?
Wednesday, 21st September 2022

Whilst user expressions of value are important, they should be treated with caution. Information leaders can offer significant value by enabling smart decisions about information products and services. Realising this potential hinges on your ability to frame the question and offer potential solutions that serve the best interests of your organisation.

Portfolio Management: do your "users' expression of value" drive your decisions?
Wednesday, 17th August 2022

Effective Content Portfolio Management can be enhanced with effective product scoring mechanisms. But getting the right balance between quantitative and qualitative measures is critical if you are going to enhance your credibility with your stakeholders.

Are you in a proactive state of resilience? Preparing for contract negotiations
Wednesday, 13th July 2022

The final quarter can feel daunting; a busy operating period often combined with a large number of contract renewals. Negotiations are increasingly difficult; a value based approach can provide useful levers. Learn about the practical strategies you can employ to drive the negotiating process.

Meet these four requirements to make progress on information strategy
Wednesday, 29th June 2022

The best strategic plan goes nowhere if you don’t take action to implement it. Information managers shared at a recent Jinfo Community session their best tips for breaking their information strategies down into smaller pieces and staying on track with progress whilst keeping up with "business as usual". Their suggestions align with Jinfo’s analysis of the four requirements necessary for managing a strategy implementation plan, as outlined in our most recent addition to the Focus on Centre of Excellence.

Is your strategic plan in a mid-year slump?
Wednesday, 15th June 2022

If progress on your strategy seems stuck, it may be time to revisit your operational plan. The latest resources in Jinfo’s Focus on Centre of Excellence offer step-by-step guidance on how to break down a Big Vision into manageable, measurable pieces. Learn more about the practical steps you can take to get from Point A to Point B without overloading your team’s capacity.