Stephen Phillips Mainstream GenAI, emerging vendors and your offshore resourcing strategy
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8th May 2024

By Stephen Phillips


How is GenAI revealing new insights from traditional datasets, and challenging the economics of offshore resourcing strategies?


We’re investing heavily in the value of a Jinfo Subscription at the moment, with a lot of unique product demos, in-depth guides, and chances to interact with your peers and suppliers.

In our next Community session “Vendor adoption of AI” (23rd May 2024), product development directors from Nexis and EMIS will join us to discuss how GenAI is driving their thinking and how it will enhance their products and services. Register now

In conjunction with last month’s launch of Nexis+ AI™I interviewed their product managers (24 mins), and you can see a taster on YouTube.

I also recently met the co-founder of a new GenAI product, which although only being less than 3 years old, has one of the largest global datasets of company information.

What differentiates them is how they apply AI to the third-party-supplied data, and how their novel “freemium” commercial model is attracting users. Dialogue and demo coming soon.

I’m also about to meet ISI Emerging Markets for a preview of their GenAI-enhanced product EMIS Next. Watch this space.

Other recent AI resources from Jinfo:

  • The Jinfo article “Offshoring, Outsourcing or AI-Sourcing?” provides an in-depth description of our research into current offshoring trends (location strategy, captive centres, supplier partners and the potential impact of AI)
  • It turns out that “The art of crafting AI prompts” is perfectly aligned with the skills information professionals already have. See the findings about boolean, reference interviews and a specific method in the Jinfo report.

Our research into US private company information continues, so please contact me if you are a buyer or seller who has adopted novel ways to source information on these difficult to research entities.

And finally, with Jinfo Subscription renewal rates at 93%, and great testimonials, I really do encourage you to check out the value you could receive.

Use this link to schedule a 30 minute call with me, and I’ll show you around.

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