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Connect your team with the practical tools, original research and expertise to build and support information strategy in your organisation:

  • Research-based insights, not available elsewhere
  • Peer to peer discussion not available elsewhere

Benefits of Content

Articles, reports and recorded webinars giving you access to Jinfo's research-based methodologies

Unlock the secret of the ROI of information

Analyse the measurable difference you make to your organisation's goals

Communicate your value to stakeholders

Strengthen your supplier negotations

Optimise your services so that you spend your valuable time on the most valuable activities

Reinvent information services

Establish your place as a strategic asset to your organisation

Move from reactive to proactive

Inform, influence or even drive your organisation's information strategy

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Benefits of Community

Apply Jinfo's research to your challenges with the support of your peer group.


A network of professionals you can turn to for further ideas and support.

Peer-to-peer discussion


Research-based facilitated forum based on original insights and proprietary tools

Unique environment for interaction with experienced information professionals


Exchange of ideas with a focus on what works

Activities, worksheets and practical ideas you can implement immediately

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What value do clients tell us they get?

We enhance their perspective
They want to challenge and be challenged
Jinfo is available and responsive
Future-focus - we put things on their radar, force them to think and plan 3 years into the future
Create and improve a methodology for determining and reporting value of information
We create the framework - formalises what they're doing and makes it easier to do, improve and communicate

What will you get?

Jinfo clients have access to:

  • All articles and reports
  • All recorded webinars
  • All sessions
  • Presentation decks and notes

... plus access to the complete Jinfo archive.


"One of the things we like about Jinfo is our access to really practical tools we can apply and reapply again."

Lead, External Information and Knowledge Management, agribusiness

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