Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a fundamental requirement of information strategy. In fact, nearly every Jinfo client works with us in some capacity on defining, implementing and improving its stakeholder engagement.

Get started here with a couple of our most popular activities and tips to make your stakeholder engagement more effective. Then meet with your peers in our Community sessions for further perspective and insights into what works for them.

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Work on your own – Content

Articles include step-by-step activities, and recorded webinars provide additional how-to tips and case studies by clients.

Stakeholder mapping


(7 pages)


(24 mins)

A simple CRM for strategic stakeholder engagement


(22 mins)

How do other information teams do it? Community dialogue

Anonymised notes available from these past sessions:


"[Working on stakeholder engagement], we formulated an introductory email [to request meetings with stakeholders]. With help from Jinfo, we had a 90% success rate the first time around. It was amazing – once we started reaching out to the business, everyone wanted to talk to us. We have been really lucky to have Jinfo nudging us forward."

Head of Information, financial institution

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