Stephen Phillips Simple actions propel effective stakeholder engagement
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10th February 2022

By Stephen Phillips


Stakeholder engagement is a fundamental tool for information strategy, and simple steps can help extract what you know and distil it into a format leading to action. So often we see teams make major progress quickly with just a tweak or two – speak to us to develop your insight.


We work with many clients on stakeholder engagement, as it’s a fundamental tool for information strategy.

This relatively simple activity is a great way to extract from your head all the useful insights you have about stakeholders and capture them in a format that leads to action.

In our video, you can start learning the “Principles of stakeholder engagement” (4-minutes, YouTube).

Jinfo Clients also have access to these resources:

  • Stakeholder mapping: A Jinfo article and recorded webinar that walk through how to do stakeholder mapping. You will learn that much of the insight you need to create a focused strategy for engagement is already available to you.

  • CRM for stakeholder management: In the recorded webinar, “A simple CRM for strategic stakeholder engagement”, Julianna Jergic-Biro of Syngenta demonstrates how she built a simple spreadsheet-based customer relationship management (CRM) system to track the interests, priorities and preferences of many individuals.

  • Jinfo Community: In the session, “Stakeholder engagement strategy - tips and tools” (22nd February 2022) our clients share their success stories.

So often we see information teams make significant progress in a relatively short period of time, just by tweaking their approach, adopting a tip, or taking time once a month to focus on stakeholder engagement.

If you’re not yet a Jinfo Client, please talk to us today.

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