Jinfo Webinar A simple CRM for strategic stakeholder engagement
Jinfo Webinar

24th January 2022

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[Focus: Stakeholder Engagement]


Stakeholder engagement enters every part of an information team's daily work. And yet connecting with stakeholders in a meaningful way remains a challenge for many information teams who are under-resourced and supporting people across locations and functions. 

In this webinar, Julianna Jergic-Biro, external information specialist with Syngenta, shares how her team addressed this challenge by building a management tool into its strategy: a simple – and free – customer relationship management tool (CRM) to keep its engagements strategic and on track.

View this webinar for a unique peek into a practical tool that can be developed by any team with a bit of time, creativity and access to spreadsheet functions. 

You'll also learn how the Syngenta team:

  • Prioritised different goals and needs in developing this tool
  • Now uses the tool on a day-to-day basis
  • Considers and incorporates ongoing improvements into its system.

Stakeholder engagement requires your strategic thinking. You can free up your capacity for strategy by moving the technical details of management into a simple tool like this CRM.

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