Centre of Excellence

Focus on Centre of Excellence

The Information Centre of Excellence model is a flexible approach to balancing the three things your information function needs to incorporate:

  • Information strategy
  • Delivering expert information services
  • Enabling end-users.

Get started with the five steps outlined in Jinfo Content, to enable you to adapt the model to the opportunities in your environment, to evolve to a Centre of Excellence.

Then meet with your peers in our Community sessions to get further perspective on making this journey.

Start here

Work on your own – Content

Use the step-by-step activities described in the following articles and webinars to develop your unique version of Information Centre of Excellence.

Step one - map your services to the model

Step two - create your Pillars of Service

Step three - envision your Known Fors

Step four - assess your team's characteristics

Step five - your evolution work plan

How do other information teams do it? Community dialogue

Every information team has it's own adaptation of the Centre of Excellence – trade ideas with your peers in the Jinfo Community sessions in our Focus on Centre of Excellence. Anonymised notes available from these past sessions:

Fast-track your progress – Jinfo Consulting

You don't have to do it all on your own. Jinfo has worked with a wide range of information teams of all sizes on adapting the Information Centre of Excellence to create their version of "best practice". Talk with us today about Jinfo Consulting to tailor a plan for you.

"With your help, we have seen the difference the Information Centre of Excellence model makes. For example, since we implemented some simple changes in how we communicate with new joiners (as part of enabling end users), we have seen a marked increase in response rates and use of training resources. Learning to think more like a user clearly pays off."

Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi, Senior Analyst "I'm Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi, Senior analyst for Jinfo.

Please contact me to:

  • Discuss how your organisation's priorities fit in with Jinfo Focus areas
  • Get recommendations for where to start with activities and Community sessions
  • Explore options for tailored work within the Focus areas."

Ask Rebecca

Consulting on Centre of Excellence
  • Design your ideal balance of information strategy, delivery of expert information services, and empowering end users

  • Create a practical action plan to evolve towards this future

  • Build continuous improvement into operations, ensuring ongoing excellence regardless of changes in your organisation.

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