Robin Neidorf The Information Centre of Excellence – a flexible model of value, resilience and strategy
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25th May 2021

By Robin Neidorf


Jinfo’s model of an Information Centre of Excellence helps you evolve your service to greater value and resilience. Our Focus on Centre of Excellence includes the activity-based Content, peer-group Community sessions and Consulting frameworks to build your information strategy, deliver expert information services, and enable end-users to do their jobs better.


Create maximum value, visibility and resilience in your information function. Jinfo's Focus on Centre of Excellence shows you how.

The Information Centre of Excellence model is based on over a decade of research and hands-on experience working with information teams of all sizes, in a wide range of industries.

It builds on the perspective that information is part of the DNA of every successful business, with a foundation of:

  • Information strategy: set, advocate for and support the implementation of a forward-looking plan for an organisation to manage the risks and leverage the opportunities of information and data resources

  • Expert information services: apply unique skills to deliver services relating to information and data, commonly including procurement from third-party sources; response to complex research queries; and/or subject matter expertise on information sources for strategic initiatives

  • Enabled end-users: ensure that information and data users throughout an organisation have access to, and can effectively use, information and data to do their jobs and help the business succeed.

Focus on Centre of Excellence walks you through five activities, through which you can plan to evolve to your version of the Information Centre of Excellence, using the skills of your team, the values of your business and the unique opportunities before you.

  • Content: Follow the steps outlined in the articles and accompanying recorded webinars

  • Community: Register to join the peer-to-peer sessions to learn how other information teams are adapting these concepts

  • Consulting: Work with our analysts, for additional feedback and accountability.

Start creating your Information Centre of Excellence.


“With your help, we have seen the difference the Information Centre of Excellence model makes. For example, since we implemented some simple changes in how we communicate with new joiners (as part of enabling end-users), we have seen a marked increase in response rates and use of training resources. Learning to think more like a user clearly pays off.” – lead, information and knowledge management, agribusiness

“My colleagues and I used the Known Fors activity in the Focus on Centre of Excellence, and we now have a vision as to who we are going to be. We already achieved ROI, as the activity was helpful when we unexpectedly had to create a job description and now as I begin to develop marketing plans and communications - a sincere thanks!” – Director of Research and Information Services, international law firm.

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