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Stephen Phillips Key takeaways from the "Cost Reduction Strategies" Community session
29th November 2022

Reducing costs as a tactical, "knee-jerk" reaction to unfavourable economic indicators risks significant business disruption and can, in the long run, be an expensive exercise.  

As the discussion with our Information Leaders revealed; successful cost reduction strategies involve a complex combination of "Stakeholder engagement", "Demand Management", "Knowing the market" and "Proactive vendor management".



Stephen Phillips The importance of Benchmarking
28th October 2022

Benchmarking provides critical insights into the performance of your strategy and team. Yet information leaders struggle to find reliable and consistent mechanisms to compare themselves to their peers.

Read about the challenges and benefits of addressing benchmarking, from Jinfo’s October Community session.



Stephen Phillips Three takeaways from the "Let's talk suppliers" Community session
11th October 2022

When it comes to supplier engagement, good preparation is vital, proving the adage “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Knowing your business, understanding the perception of value and broad market knowledge enables a productive dialogue supported by multiple scenarios for a negotiation. 

September’s Community Session provided an opportunity to discuss the key preparations you need to successfully work with your supplier partners to deliver successful outcomes.   Whilst we discussed a range of techniques and challenges, one thing was clear: you should always start these conversations with the end in mind.

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