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Jinfo works with organisations on information strategy.

We are for you if you care about any of the following:

  • Measuring the ROI of investments in information against business objectives
  • Engaging with senior-level stakeholders on information-related initiatives and decisions
  • Prioritising strategic information projects over information transactions.

Jinfo has three Focus areas, through which we have developed proprietary, data-driven methodologies for managing, valuing and strengthening information products, services and expertise (click to learn more):

Focus on Value Chain

Focus on Content Portfolio

Focus on Centre of Excellence

We can help:

  • Carve out the time for strategic planning amidst competing priorities
  • Provide industry-wide, research-driven perspective and experience to develop your strategy
  • Streamline your progress with our proven methodologies
  • Connect you with a global peer group of others working on similar challenges.

Become a Jinfo client to gain access to our insights and apply them to your world:

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"One of the things we like about Jinfo is our access to really practical tools we can apply and reapply again."

Lead, External Information and Knowledge Management, agribusiness

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