Jinfo Webinar Centre of Excellence (step five - your evolution work plan)
Jinfo Webinar

30th July 2021

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[Focus: Centre of Excellence]


Evolving to an Information Centre of Excellence and committing to the continuous improvement that keeps you relevant and strategic requires a shift in perspective on department operations.

Your evolution work plan shouldn't just include how you deliver services and communicate with users and stakeholders, it also needs to capture all of the elements of running a successful small business, including:

  • Service design 
  • Service delivery 
  • Customer relations/account management 
  • Partnership management 
  • Evaluation and continuous improvement 
  • Future planning.

In this webinar, we will walk through the activity Jinfo has designed to support your planning and implementation of a comprehensive work plan for evolving to an Information Centre of Excellence.

To get the most out of this recording, review this article from our Focus on Centre of Excellence:

Viewing this recording alongside the activity will enable you to create a practical plan focused on the most valuable activities.

If you want tailored guidance from Jinfo’s experienced analysts, contact us about Consulting on Centre of Excellence today.

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