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Star (save) articles for future use

  1. Sign in to MyJinfo or create a new account

  2. Click on the star icon Star icon in any article:

    Location of the Star icon

  3. You will notice that the star is now yellow

  4. All your starred items are listed in your MyJinfo account on the Stars page.

Tip: To "un-star" an item, simply click the star icon again. To remove all stars, please contact us.

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Share articles with colleagues

One of the great features in your Jinfo Subscription is the ability to share articles securely with colleagues, regardless of their location:

  1. Locate an article you want to share

  2. Find the link to "share with colleagues" in the access confirmation box:

    Share with colleagues

  3. Click the link to go to a screen that prompts you to provide your colleague's email address.

  4. You can also add a note to your colleague to explain the item.

Your colleague will receive an email notification with the link to the article, plus your comments.

You can also share full PDF reports. Simply save a PDF to your hard drive and then email it to colleagues.

Note: Sharing does not include placing Jinfo Subscription content on your intranet.

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How to check if shared content has been accessed

Check to see if people you've shared content with have actually signed in to look at it, by viewing this page or by following these steps:

  1. From the Jinfo site, click 'MyJinfo' (top-right):

    Click 'MyJinfo

  2. If you're not already signed in, you'll be prompted to

  3. Click 'Shares':

    Click 'Shares

  4. You can then view content you've shared, by date or by email address.

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Discover relevant articles and reports using Categories

The Categories feature enables you to discover relevant Jinfo articles and reports quickly and easily:

  • Categories correspond to job functions and areas of interest.

  • All Jinfo articles and reports show their related Categories in the 'About this article/report' box:


Spend a couple of minutes now exploring exploring the Categories »

If you contact us with your job title and some common project tasks or priorities, we will respond with some relevant Category recommendations.

Keep up-to-date with new content in Categories through the Jinfo Newsletter or by subscribing to a RSS content feed.

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How to renew your Subscription

  • We will contact you before your renewal date

  • If you wish to submit your renewal online, complete the Subscription Order Form, and note that you are renewing in the 'Comments' box.

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Frequently asked questions about Community

  • "Are meetings recorded?"

    To preserve confidentiality of meeting participants, Community sessions are not recorded.

  • "If I miss a meeting but am interested in the content, what are my options for getting the insight?"

    If you have Community access, you can get a copy of any presentation deck with detailed notes on the session upon request. Community customers can also ask their account managers to automatically provide these notes to them following each session, regardless of their attendance, from their account managers. Because sessions are conducted on a confidential basis, identifying information about participants is removed from the notes.

  • "What level of detail do discussions achieve?"

    Because these are confidential, research-based discussions, Community sessions achieve a significant level of detail. Participants discuss specific vendors, products, solutions and challenges. Members of the group offer frank advice and perspective to each other, to address common challenges.

  • "Do participants feel comfortable revealing sensitive information?"

    Yes, we are very careful to create a trusting, confidential environment, in which participants can feel comfortable sharing sensitive information, such as experiences with vendors, emerging challenges and opportunities around information strategy, and other topics.

  • "How do I get access to Community sessions?"

    Community sessions are an option that can be added to your Jinfo Account. If you're not sure if you have access, or if you'd like to add access, please contact us.

  • "How do I learn what sessions are coming up?"

    The Jinfo Newsletter and Jinfo Blog announce upcoming sessions. The Community landing page always has the most updated information on schedule and topic.

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"Any questions?"

If you have a question about the Jinfo Subscription, choose "Subscription enquiry" on the contact page.