Tim Buckley Owen

Tim is an independent trainer in research and information skills, with over 40 years" experience in the information and research profession. He can provide training, advice and coaching to help researchers and information professionals add value to their work, particularly in the way they manage their desk research tasks and communicate with their users or clients during the research process.

He"s also the author of the classic textbook "Successful Enquiry Answering Every Time". You can find details of his training services at www.buckleyowen.com.

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Articles by Tim Buckley Owen:

My Favourite Tipples from an enquiry answering expert
Thursday, 3rd November 2016

My Favourite Tipples are shared by veteran research & information skills trainer Tim Buckley Owen. The 7th edition of his book "Successful Enquiry Answering Every Time" is due out next year, and some of his favourite online resources come from the section devoted to "Choosing Your Toolkit".

Quiet Please! Running an Effective Training Session
Friday, 24th April 2015

Tim Buckley Owen draws on decades of training experience to highlight some key points to make training successful - including what needs to be considered on the day, in advance, and afterwards.

Security - How Far Can You Trust the Evidence, and What Can You Do?
Friday, 7th November 2014

Whether it's retail fraud, security breaches that are inside jobs or lack of caution in implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), information professionals need to be circumspect when the evidence comes from organisations that also happen to provide solutions to the problems they highlight. But sometimes that evidence - on the extent to which employees are responsible for security risks, or the role played by mobile devices - indicates some degree of consensus. And when it's backed up by specific concerns expressed by government or regulatory bodies - about outsourcing for instance, or lack of awareness among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), that's when info pros can sense an opportunity to be seized.

Analytics - Not As Far Behind As You Fear?
Thursday, 6th November 2014

Contrary to popular belief, everyone probably isn't ahead of you in adopting big data. In fact most enterprises are still struggling, not least because they still seem to think that, with so much data at their disposal, they don't need to worry about every little flaw, and that technology will eliminate the need for data integration. Collecting stuff faster than they can sort it seems to be a key problem, and it can't be solved by exclusive reliance on data scientists. Old fashioned activities like taxonomy still have their role to play - and the competition regulators' interest in the few big data leaders suggests that the prize is well worth the effort.

Regulatory Compliance - From Chore to Opportunity
Wednesday, 29th October 2014

Regulatory compliance has long been the stock in trade of corporate information professionals, and the flow of regulation shows no sign of drying up. Recent European examples cover information provided by credit rating agencies, corporate disclosure of non-financial information, and even the use of Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence to expose intellectual property infringements. In Britain, recent regulatory activity covers tax avoidance by multinational corporations and corporate disclosure of long term financial viability. Surprisingly, though, some leading businesses see compliance not as a burden but as a transformation opportunity - one that perhaps could be shared by astute information professionals.

Reports by Tim Buckley Owen:

FreePint Report: Content and Compliance
Monday, 18th February 2013

Tim Buckley Owen reviews the recent FreePint articles on the theme of content and compliance and mulls over the signficant role that information profe...