Christy Confetti-Higgins

Christy Confetti-Higgins is a Cybrarian at Oracle Corp. and is responsible for the Virtual Information Services (VIS) program, providing information services to all Oracle employees. Her responsibilities include connecting Oracle employees with the right information services to enable their learning, innovation, development, decision making, and the growth of Oracle"s business.

Christy has over 15 years of experience in the corporate information space, and is passionate about enterprise social networking as an essential way to connect with Oracle employees, creating conversations around information, collaboration, communicating and educating employees about information services, and enabling information and knowledge sharing across the enterprise. You can email her at

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Articles by Christy Confetti-Higgins:

Expanding Your Reach: Social Enterprise, Collaboration, Awareness and Integration
Monday, 10th September 2012

Communications for information professionals in the enterprise is critical, as it creates awareness of the information services being provided to the company and how those services impact the business.

Creating information communities with Twitter: Notes for publishers and content providers [ABSTRACT]
Thursday, 30th September 2010

Developing communities of users is a long-established way of generating feedback but it was not until the advent of Twitter that these communities could bear such beneficial fruit. The results of research by the Social Information Group show how publishers and information professionals alike can gain from having an active presence on Twitter.