Cindy Romaine

Cindy Romaine is the principal of Romainiacs Intelligent Research, a consultancy focused on information intense projects, information research, needs assessment, content strategies and competitive intelligence related to business needs and sustainability. Cindy"s experience includes 16 years at Nike, Inc., where she was responsible for the strategic global information resources for a world-class design community.

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Articles by Cindy Romaine:

Design Thinking - A Useful Way of Co-Creating
Monday, 25th April 2016

Information professionals should take some time to consider design thinking, say Cindy Romaine and Anja Chemnitz Thygesen, as they demonstrate how it can be a powerful tool to make changes to information consumption and delivery, overcome resistance and get everyone in the conversation aligned toward the same goals.

My Favourite Tipples from a Strategic Researcher
Wednesday, 10th February 2016

My Favourite Tipples are shared by Cindy Romaine, principal of Romainiacs Intelligent Research. She shares her favourite online sources in areas from business management to lifelong learning.

Product Review of RefME (Competitors, Development & Pricing)
Wednesday, 7th October 2015

In the final section of her review of RefME, the free tool to create citations, reference lists and biographies, Cindy Romaine looks at the value of its data analytics revenue model and the support offered to users through the RefME Institute. Other similar tools EasyBib, Citethisforme, Citefast, Zotero and Mendeley are compared as are how it fits in with the more powerful EndNote and RefWorks.

Note: Full review (PDF) at /go/sub/report/2554

Product Review of RefME (Technology - Search & User Interface; Outputs & Alerts; New Features)
Tuesday, 6th October 2015

Cindy Romaine looks at the technology behind RefME in the third part of her product review of the free tool to create citations, reference lists and biographies in any format. She covers how the tool allows sharing and collaborating on resources, methods of adding information for both desktop and mobile device and how to synchronise between the two, as well as covering exporting and looking at new features just announced.

Note: Full review (PDF) at /go/sub/report/2554

Product Review of RefME (Using RefME)
Friday, 2nd October 2015

In the second part of her review Cindy Romaine explains how to use RefME, in her in-depth look at the free tool to create citations, reference lists and biographies in any format. She gives practical guidance on set up and examples showing how to use the tool.

Note: Full review (PDF) at /go/sub/report/2554

Reports by Cindy Romaine:

Product Review of RefME
Thursday, 8th October 2015

Product review of RefME, the automated citation tool for researchers and students worldwide.

This review:

  • Introduces the product and explains the...

Product Review of EndNote
Monday, 28th September 2015

In-depth product review of EndNote X7, the reference management tool from Thomson Reuters for corporate and academic researchers.

This review:

  • Exp...

FreePint Report: Workflow Integration: Right content, right place
Monday, 17th September 2012

Getting the right information into the right hands via the right tool is a key to empowering the enterprise. Without the right software, users are con...