Jonathan Jacobsen

Jonathan Jacobsen is a librarian with Andornot Consulting (, a Canadian firm providing advice and technology to specialised libraries, archives and museums.

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Articles by Jonathan Jacobsen:

Power Through Disparate Datasets with Discovery Interfaces
Tuesday, 8th January 2013

Jonathan Jacobsen explains the lure of resource discovery interfaces for cultural collections researchers and others. He explores why functions such as faceted browsing and suggestions of related resources, together with the ability to search multiple datasets from one interface, make discovery interfaces one of the hottest trends in web-based search.

Upgrading to a Resource Discovery Interface
Tuesday, 8th January 2013

Jonathan Jacobsen outlines just what constitutes a resource discovery interface and explains why many public and academic libraries have been adopting these interfaces over the past three to four years. He highlights some of the most popular commercial and open source systems and explains why smaller libraries and cultural organisations should also consider introducing them. The article includes useful pointers for selecting and implementing a discovery interface - there are many factors to consider.