Rebecca O'Reilly

Rebecca O"Reilly is a Senior Consultant at Capco, working in customer experience in the retail banking space. She is leading work on creating customer journeys and defining customer experiences through visual and interactive deliverables for the client. She works with Capco"s innovation process and is experienced in conducting future trend and competitor analysis as well as leading customer testing and research methodologies. Alongside client projects, she created and runs the CapInTouch Advocacy programme, which designs and delivers training and development for Capco"s networking and knowledge management tool, CapInTouch.

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Articles by Rebecca O'Reilly:

Capco's CapInTouch - Connectivity Worldwide
Friday, 14th February 2014

Many companies realise the potential of online knowledge-sharing and networking. Implementing tools off-the-shelf is an easy way to create an environment for collaboration, but the real challenge lies in getting users to consistently and proactively contribute to the network. Rebecca O'Reilly explains how financial services consultancy Capco decided to do things differently and successfully implement a bespoke tool, named CapInTouch.

Capco's Bespoke Collaboration Platform for Knowledge Sharing
Wednesday, 12th February 2014

The need for connectivity and knowledge-sharing amongst a geographically diverse workforce proved a difficult challenge to overcome for Capco. Eventually, a bespoke tool called CapInTouch, crafted by one consultant, became one of the key business tools by which the organisation now communicates. What truly made a difference in encouraging Capco to embrace CapInTouch was how it brought together individuals and formed communities that were tailored to the user, reflecting the culture of innovation at the heart of the firm.