Wayne Jones

Wayne Jones has 15 years of experience at Fortune 100 technology firms in a variety of roles spanning strategy, operations and marketing. Currently, he is the intelligence lead for software for IBM. With a background in the social sciences, Wayne"s primary interest is the way that cultural factors and social hierarchies influence the behaviour and performance of organisations.

He lives in the San Francisco Bay area but travels extensively, aiming to visit at least five new countries each year. Contact Wayne on LinkedIn.

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Articles by Wayne Jones:

The Latest Visualisation Techniques Should Be Part of the CI Professional's Toolbox
Friday, 30th May 2014

Competitive intelligence by its nature requires the presentation of new and complex ideas to audiences that are not necessarily predisposed to hear them. Wayne Jones explains how the latest visualisation tools and techniques can help your ideas get through to your audience.

Turn Your Insights into Action with the Latest Tools for CI Communication
Thursday, 29th May 2014

Competitive intelligence professionals face an uphill battle communicating their insights to internal stakeholders and inspiring action. New tools and techniques for effective communication can help ensure that your message is heard and acted upon. Wayne Jones highlights some of the best new tools, including Perspective, Prezi and Tableau as well as highlighting new visualisation features in well-known tools such as Excel.