Cathy Chiba

Cathy Chiba is a science and technology analyst who loves writing, thinking, and speaking about science, technology, and technological change. She owns Dauratus Research, helping creative, innovative change-makers confidently navigate patent and technical information as they strive to transform their worlds. She"s worked with companies creating disruptive innovation and those responding to it; companies defending claims to technology and those disputing it.

She"s deeply interested in technology, change, and innovation, and has seen it from multiple perspectives: consumer, educator, academic, librarian, IP specialist, enthusiast, consultant. And yes, she does miss blowing things up for a living. Twitter: @cathychiba

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Articles by Cathy Chiba:

Innography Comes of Age
Wednesday, 20th August 2014

Following her review of Innography and its key intellectual property products, Cathy Chiba considers the company's evolution and the value it offers its customers.

Product Review of Innography (Value - Development & Pricing)
Monday, 18th August 2014

In the final part of her review of Innography's intellectual property research products, Cathy Chiba covers the platform's maturity and development programme. She outlines the pricing options for Advanced Analysis, Innography Explorer and PatentScout and details the value each of the three solutions offers decision-makers in the IP and technology development field.

Product Review of Innography (Value - Overview and Competitors)
Friday, 15th August 2014

The value offered by Innography's intellectual property business intelligence tools are covered in the ninth part of Cathy Chiba's review. She also investigates the competitor landscape, from patent information providers to those in the legal information and competitive intelligence space.

Product Review of Innography (Technology - PatentScout; FreePint's View)
Thursday, 14th August 2014

In the eighth part of her review of Innography, Cathy Chiba introduces PatentScout, a secure, private alternative to free online patent databases. She looks into the features designed to encourage user adoption and reduce the administrative load of policing corporate usage of free online tools - and explains why IP-savvy organisations will find this tool of interest.

Product Review of Innography (Technology - Innography Explorer; FreePint's View)
Wednesday, 13th August 2014

The seventh part of Cathy Chiba's review of Innography examines Innography Explorer, the application for R&D teams and technical decision-makers, which provides features for secure collaboration as well as workflow templates for idea validation and invention disclosure preparation. She also gives FreePint's View of Advanced Analysis and Innography Explorer.

Reports by Cathy Chiba:

FreePint Report: Product Review of Innography
Sunday, 17th August 2014

Cathy Chiba reviews Innography and some of its key intellectual property products: Advanced Analysis, Innography Explorer and PatentScout. Innography"...