Darren Hickman

Darren Hickman is the founder and managing director of ComplianceAssist, a specialist provider of customer screening services. This includes providing clients the additional benefit of outsourcing elements of their processing to be undertaken by trained analysts.

In 2009 he founded ComplianceAssist with the view to work with clients to really understand their company"s needs and advise them on the best approach to manage regulatory issues, with minimum time and operational disruption to their business.

Darren is a member of the International Compliance Association and the Institute of Money Laundering Prevention Officers. He holds a degree in Computer Science and a Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention.

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Articles by Darren Hickman:

Outsourcing Core Compliance Functions
Friday, 15th August 2014

Outsourcing key business functions has various drivers. Darren Hickman examines what prompts businesses to outsource their Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and what benefits this can bring to compliance professionals and their organisations.

The KYC Conundrum - Should You Outsource?
Wednesday, 13th August 2014

Darren Hickman examines whether companies should carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures in-house or whether they should embrace outsourcing. He explains the options, the pitfalls and where to start. A useful market overview of the key providers and key technologies is included along with a checklist to identify the true costs of current processes.