Catherine Pask

Catherine Pask is an information specialist at the NSPCC based in London, she has a degree in information management and has also worked at the BBC News Library, at an internet company and was involved with research at Business Link.

She also occasionally works as a freelancer with a wide range of companies finding timely and relevant information; she knows the difference quality information can make to business decisions. Contact Catherine at

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Articles by Catherine Pask:

My Favourite Tipples from an information specialist at the NSPCC
Wednesday, 1st November 2017

My Favourite Tipples are shared by Catherine Pask, information specialist at the NSPCC, which holds the only UK library dedicated to child protection, child abuse and child neglect.

What does declining usage reveal about my current awareness service?
Wednesday, 20th July 2016

Current awareness is often the backbone of an information service's offering. With today's changing information landscape, what does declining usage tell us about the service we are offering? Catherine Pask looks at ways to measure usage and steps to take to meet users' needs.

Market Landscape of Aggregation Platforms
Monday, 7th December 2015

FreePint presents an overview of some key vendors in the aggregation space. The table identifies key vendor products, briefly describes their key features, notes the types of content and sources that can be ingested, singles out any special features of each service and notes key use-cases and value. Products covered are: Alacra Premium, Attensa, EditorEye, Intelligence Plaza, Knowledge.Works, Linex Systems, Manzama, SinglePoint and Solcara.

How to Develop Strong Relationships between Buyers and Suppliers
Wednesday, 25th November 2015

Catherine Pask reports on feedback from information managers to provide suggested steps and tips for improving relationships between buyers and sellers of information, such as avoiding surprises and keeping communications open.

Q&A with Factiva - News on the Move
Monday, 12th October 2015

Catherine Pask interviews Brian Gelinas‎, general manager of Factiva, to find out how users are interacting with content and data via their mobile devices.

Reports by Catherine Pask:

Market landscape - news aggregators covering chinese sources
Monday, 11th April 2016

This report covers five products offering substantial coverage of Chinese sources:

  • EMIS
  • Factiva
  • Nexis
  • Northern Light.

We provide a...

Product Review of Intelligence Plaza
Wednesday, 21st January 2015

Intelligence Plaza from Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) is competitive and market intelligence software that lets customers set up feeds from inter...