Larry Rafsky

Lawrence (Larry) Rafsky is chairman and chief scientist of Acquire Media, known for developing advanced algorithms and methodologies in digital news.

Teams under his direction developed Telerate News Search, WSJ Interactive Company Search, and NewsEdge v8. Custom news applications developed include mission-critical systems for Business Wire, Market News, McClatchy, PR Newswire, The PA, and Tribune.

He founded FAME, a leader in time-based data analysis. He held research and managerial positions at Bell Labs, Citicorp, IDD Dow Jones, and ADP.

He has published in top journals, including Econometrica; he won the American Statistical Association"s Theory & Methods Award for a paper on graphics, and his multivariate analysis contributions include Friedman-Rafsky"s test, a widely-used statistical procedure. He holds an AB from Princeton, and a PhD from Yale, both in statistics.

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Articles by Larry Rafsky:

The Building Blocks of Visualisation - Part 2 of 2
Thursday, 2nd April 2015

In the second part of his article tackling the new and existing techniques for visualisation, Larry Rafsky, chairman and chief scientist at Acquire Media delves into some of the most important forms of visualisation in NewsEdge such as tag clouds (word cloud combined with isomap), Venn diagrams and concentric Venn diagrams. Through a series of examples he illustrates how these can identify fresh insights. He also gives a taste of new visualisations in the pipeline.

The Building Blocks of Visualisation - Part 1 of 2
Monday, 30th March 2015

Larry Rafsky, chairman and chief scientist at Acquire Media, outlines how technology can provide news insight through mining a fresh set of data using exploratory tools such as visualisation and statistical graphic techniques. He also explains how visualisation can help researchers arrive at additional conclusions that might have been missed, to fuel further investigations or to grasp the news media with new understanding.