Anders Lautrup-Larsen

Anders Lautrup-Larsen is an independent information management consultant. He has been working within publishing, information and knowledge management businesses as a client, publisher and provider for the last 20 years.

He is experienced in setting up all kind of media and monitoring services and portals together with information professionals all over Europe and the US. Anders co-founded the newscrawler Newsbooster and has a background consulting in public and private projects, and has worked for Thomson Reuters, ProQuest and Dialog Corporation.

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Articles by Anders Lautrup-Larsen:

How to Create a Successful Newsletter
Monday, 7th December 2015

Anders Lautrup-Larsen looks at how to create and publicise a successful newsletter which curates and highlights relevant and timely news from traditional news services such as Factiva and robot services such as CyberWatcher. He also considers the future of newsletters and the impact of machine learning and semantic learning technologies.

Towards a Perfect Procurement Process
Friday, 7th August 2015

Anders Lautrup-Larsen explains how to sign a perfect contract with your provider of information services, ebooks or subscriptions. He looks at the options for procurement, covers the ideal stakeholder formation of a procurement group, how to centralise handling of company subscriptions - and the alternatives to handling them in-house. Anders identifies how introducing structure and processes can result in more economic purchasing of journal and database subscriptions, discovery and reference tools - and how this results in more effective research.