Kate Lomax

Kate is a creative technologist and co-founder of Artefacto, a digital creative consultancy for galleries, libraries, archives and museums. She has previously been an an eLearning project manager in the NHS, an ICT librarian, an academic librarian and a web developer. She specialises in user experience, web publishing, rapid prototyping and online learning. You can contact her on Twitter @katelomax and LinkedIn.

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Articles by Kate Lomax:

Why pay for an intelligence platform?
Monday, 10th September 2018

Just as the amount of information available to us increases, the number of tools to manage and navigate this information has also rapidly increased. More and more people are turning to free web-based tools such as Google Scholar for research discovery or Google Alerts for current awareness. Open source and commercial tools have also continued to evolve. Many now offer varying degrees of automation and machine learning that helps us make sense of the masses of information and data now available to us at work and this article explores some of these issues.

Technology in news curation and the impact on innovation and content reliability
Thursday, 24th August 2017

Tools that help users identify and consume news content that is relevant to their interests can also limit research creativity. In this article, Kate Lomax investigates how news aggregators are using technology to help us deal with the deluge of information that is now available, including the raft of professional current awareness tools and new approaches being employed. She also looks at ways to ensure your information service uses emerging technologies in a way that is user-driven and innovation-focused.

Tools for an information-savvy workforce
Friday, 10th March 2017

How do we use new tools to embed learning and help create an information-savvy workforce in a frictionless and collaborative way? Kate Lomax looks at the current state of workplace learning and explores some of tools and technologies that can help embed informal and "just-in-time" workplace learning throughout the organisation.

My Favourite Tipples from a Creative Technologist
Wednesday, 4th May 2016

My Favourite Tipples are shared by Kate Lomax, a technologist and consultant who specialises in web publishing, rapid prototyping and online learning. Kate shares some of her go-to resources in the field of technology, ebook development, and research.

Impact of Mobile Working on the Digital Workplace
Monday, 29th February 2016

We know about BYOD but what about the impact on work of CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) and remote working policies? Kate Lomax explores changing expectations of work, new findings about employee engagement, and how employee-owned devices can increase productivity.