Jerome Colombe

Jerome Colombe is in charge of the governance and strategy of the intranet landscape within the group HR and internal communications team at DNV-GL. Previously he worked in the telecommunications sector, where he was responsible for the internet and intranet governance at Alcatel-Lucent.

Following an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from University of Caen (France), Jerome started his career in the software development field before to moving to various marketing and communications positions. He has broad expertise in all aspects of digital marketing and communication including web foundations and social media, with a solid background in customer relationship management. Jerome is a strong believer in serendipity and collaboration in enterprise.

Jerome is based in Oslo, Norway. You can follow him on Twitter: @sysiphe

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Articles by Jerome Colombe:

Tags, topics & more - the power of subscription in intranet
Wednesday, 31st August 2016

Some leading intranets are currently putting more emphasis on search, with content which is tagged with relevant topics, and can also be matched to user profiles to deliver a personalised experience. Subscribing to news feeds from different collaboration communities and groups is also an option. This article looks at some of the opportunities in this area and features a case study from DNV GL written by Jerome Colombe.