Victoria Richard

Victoria is passionate about building knowledge communities, which make intelligence work accessible to all. Victoria has worked as a consultant to tech start-ups, worked in market and competitive intelligence for two technology firms, and is currently competitive intelligence manager for Greenberg Traurig. She founded the Boston Intelligence meetup, organises the Boston Insight Circle, is an active member of SCIP, Chair-elect for the CI division of SLA, and a frequent industry speaker and blogger. Victoria"s formal training is in qualitative research; she holds a MBA and certificate in CI from Johns Hopkins, and a MA in Communication from UNC Greensboro.

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Articles by Victoria Richard:

How to build alliances as a newcomer to the firm
Wednesday, 8th March 2017

As an information professional, your job relies on building relationships in order to discern real needs and disseminate actionable information. How do you build those relationships when starting afresh? It starts with finding allies, building credibility, and gaining visibility within your organisation.