Jinfo Subscription Webinar Assessing your organisation's information skills maturity
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4th April 2017

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[Research Focus: Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments]


We know that information skills are essential for today's knowledge workers, and yet they are rarely formally taught or coached by organisations. Nor do they tend to show up on workforce development plans.

An assessment of your organisation's maturity for information skills will enable you to:

  • Address the risks information skills gaps present to the business
  • Prioritise partnerships within the business (e.g. human resources, training, specific business units) to address skills gaps
  • Create and implement a plan for improving  the level of information skills across the organisation.

This Jinfo Webinar provides practical tips on:

  • Identifying the key characteristics of a mature environment
  • Selecting and applying tools for assessing skill levels in different parts of your business
  • Analysing results and developing your next steps to improve information skills.

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  • Tuesday, 4th April 2017 at 08:00 Pacific / 10:00 Central / 11:00 Eastern / 16:00 (BST) / 17:00 Europe, 60 minutes.

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