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Jinfo was founded in 1997 by an information scientist with a business information background.

Jinfo was originally called "FreePint", because it was a free email newsletter for People Interested in Net Technologies. Hence the name "FreePint".

The offer of a 'free pint' proved a popular name, with rapid growth in circulation of the newsletter.

With research at its heart, FreePint developed a wider remit to look at information strategy and the re-invention of information services through the sharing of best practice.

Due to a focus on strategy, "FreePint" changed its name in 2016 to "Jinfo".

The Jinfo team has grown into a large network of information professionals globally.

Other questions

Emails are not being received or are going to spam

  • Ensure that the address is on your 'safe/white list'
  • Contact us so that we can check why the emails are bouncing back to us

What is the password for MyJinfo?

  1. Click on the MyJinfo link, where you will be asked to sign in
  2. Click the 'Forgotten password?' link
  3. Enter your email address to receive immediate guidance by email
  4. If you experience further difficulties, please contact us

How do I unsubscribe?

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Further questions?

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