William Hann
Founder and Managing Director

William Hann founded Jinfo (then called "FreePint") in 1997 as a newsletter with tips and resources about effective information work. It has since grown into a global community of information practitioners, content buyers and knowledge workers, offering unique content, community and consulting around critical information topics.

William has a background in online information provision, with a first class honours degree in Information Science from Aberystwyth University. He has worked for a number of information vendors (including the Financial Times, Dialog and News International), and facilitated the Dow Jones Factiva Customer Advisory Board for 10 years.

Through Jinfo (formerly FreePint), William has received a number of industry awards, including European Special Librarian of the Year, Jason Farradane Award, and an open-source-intelligence Golden Candle Award.

In February 2016, FreePint was renamed Jinfo. Read more.

William can be reached at william.hann@jinfo.com

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