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3rd February 2016

By William Hann


Find out why we've changed our name from FreePint to Jinfo.


We're delighted to announce that "FreePint" has been renamed "Jinfo"

FreePint is now called JinfoWe've increasingly found that a name incorporating "free" and "pint" was a barrier to spreading the word about a service that:

  • Supports the strategic role of information through research-based insight on sources, technology and value

  • Delivers that insight through a paid subscription covering content, community and consulting.

"Jinfo" is short, memorable, and furthermore incorporates "information" in a way that "FreePint" didn't.

Nothing else has changed. This is purely a name change.

Everything else about our current service - research areassubscription levelspricing - stays the same.

The FreePint Newsletter is now the Jinfo Newsletter and remains the best way to stay informed about our latest research and resources.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as we strive to continually innovate in our research and offerings around the importance and value of information.

William Hann, Founder

PS: Please add the email address support@jinfo.com to your whitelist/firewall.

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