Deborah Andrysiak

Deborah Andrysiak is a knowledge management specialist and writer at the University of Arizona and is a member of the Information Technology Services department as well as the CIO"s Communications and Marketing team. Deborah"s professional and academic interests include professional writing and instructional technology. She holds a BA in English Literature (Journalism minor) from the University of Arizona, an MA in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and certification in Professional Writing from the Graduate College at Northern Arizona University. She recently completed an MA from Northern Arizona University with a focus on literacy, technology and professional writing.

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Articles by Deborah Andrysiak:

Is Video Now a Credible Source?
Monday, 25th March 2013

All videos are not created equal... and this might not be a bad thing. However, each video produced should have a clear purpose for its respective audience - whether it's to entertain, to convert prospective customers, or for information/educational purposes. As with any social media, if video is used as a resource, knowing how to distinguish the legitimacy of the video will lend credibility to your research.

The Evolution of Video on the Web - Towards a Legitimate Resource
Monday, 25th March 2013

We live in a rapidly evolving, media rich world; a world that offers a robust and effective web-delivered pipeline of information that funnels a user's need to the appropriate technology-related resource or solution. Video on the internet is one such outlet that has been a mainstay for information gathering and dissemination - but how can you determine the credibility and reliability of the video and its source?