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10th April 2024

By Stephen Phillips


When crafting AI prompts, think reference interview meets Boolean operators. What impact will AI have on outsourcing and offshoring?  Can you help us with our latest research into US Private company data?


The art of crafting AI prompts was the focus of our recent Community session.

Eldad Sotnick-Yogev gave us his insights into using prompts in GenAI systems, including a good Star Wars analogy:

"When it comes to AI Prompting, talk to it like Luke Skywalker would talk to C3PO, rather than shout at it like Han Solo did."

As it turns out, the best prompts are a combination of a reference interview and Boolean operators - skills that information professionals have in abundance and which uniquely position us to be powerful users of these technologies.

Review our recorded webinar and accompanying report, complete with practical examples of how to build prompts for more effective results.


Outsource or AI-Source?

As part of our current research into outsource and offshore trends, we’ll be sharing and discussing our initial findings in our Community session, "Offshore, outsource or AI-source?" (16th April 2024). 

We are particularly looking at how AI is affecting the industry and looking to understand how AI-Sourcing will impact resourcing decisions in the future.

Click here to register.


US private company information

Given limited disclosure regulations, US Private companies have always been difficult to research.

We’re currently talking to a number of information suppliers about:

  • the recent Corporate Transparency Act which requires private enterprises to submit beneficial ownership reports to the US Treasury Department
  • how the reports will find their way into the public domain
  • the explosion of new companies promoting their use of AI to combine unstructured data from a range of sources to piece together a picture of the health of these companies.

If you can contribute to this project (either as a researcher/buyer/user or as a vendor), please reply to this email.


Jinfo on YouTube

If you haven’t checked out Jinfo on YouTube, I encourage you to see our our most popular recent videos:

... and my introduction to what we’re all about, in "Welcome to Jinfo".

And finally, we’re so thrilled to be receiving lots of great feedback from the Jinfo community of information professionals and vendors.

Here’s a recent testimonial about the value of a Jinfo Subscription:

"GenAI is a HUGE focus for us right now. Both finding information about the impact by sector - AND tools, techniques, challenges, opportunities to use generative AI tools to improve efficiency in our own business research operation. We benefit greatly from hearing what other Jinfo subscribers are doing."

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