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13th February 2024

By Stephen Phillips


Sharing GenAI insights and experiences, and preparing for big changes in ESG data.


We’ve had such a great reaction to the recording of our Community session on GenAI with Sarah Fahy, and the subsequent report “12 tips to meet the Generative AI challenge”. 

Since I know many of you are having great conversations with your stakeholders about GenAI, our February Community session will give you a chance to share your GenAI insights and experiences. Register now.

Suppliers are also bringing the technology to fruition.

Jinfo subscribers will soon have access to an exclusive demo and interview I recently had with the product development managers of an AI-enhanced company research platform. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of the highlights.

Over in the world of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information, there are a currently a number of important developments that will have a significant impact on this market segment, including:

  • A new code of conduct for ESG data and information suppliers
  • New European regulations to enforce more consistent corporate reporting of ESG performance from the beginning of 2024.  Reporting will start in 2025
  • Several SEC ESG rules, including the climate disclosure requirements are expected to be implemented in April 2024.

So, in last month’s Community session, Leon Saunders Calvert of ESG Book brought us up to speed on some of these developments:

I am having lots of conversations with both buy- and sell-side colleagues, where we’re discussing their plans and challenges for 2024.

Use this link to schedule a 30 minute call with me to discuss your own priorities.

Finally, please do give us your feedback about our work: Are we on the right track? Are the resources practical?

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