Mary Ellen Bercik

Mary Ellen Bercik has been working in high tech research for 20+ years at top Silicon Valley companies such as Cisco, Apple, HP, and McKinsey. Currently she works at Symantec Corporation as a Senior Manager of Product and Customer Insights. Mary Ellen is an expert researcher in a wide range of methods and applications: custom research design and implementation, competitive and market intelligence, data analysis and forecasting and syndicated/analyst research. In her spare time she likes to travel, spend time in her garden, cook, study Italian, and develop her creative writing skills.

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Articles by Mary Ellen Bercik:

Concluding the FreePint Series: Next-Generation Competitive Intelligence
Monday, 7th July 2014

Series producer Mary Ellen Bercik reflects on the FreePint Topic Series: Next-Generation Competitive Intelligence as the series draws to a close. She highlights the key issues and challenges covered, from core CI competencies to the importance of data presentation and making the most of in-house knowledge.

Competitive Intelligence, Discovery and the Pharma Industry
Friday, 20th June 2014

Mary Ellen Bercik highlights key articles from the recently launched FreePint Topic Series: Next-Generation Competitive Intelligence. Recent articles have focused on use of competitive intelligence techniques in the pharma and life sciences industry as well as future trends in CI and how the discipline is evolving to become increasingly strategic.

Introducing the FreePint Topic Series: Next-Generation Competitive Intelligence
Thursday, 1st May 2014

With the new FreePint Topic Series: Next-Generation Competitive Intelligence launching, series producer Mary Ellen Bercik provides a preview of article topics from data collection to data analysis, and effective communication of insights. She also highlights the upcoming reviews.

Reports by Mary Ellen Bercik:

FreePint Report: Next-Generation Competitive Intelligence
Wednesday, 23rd July 2014

This collection of FreePint articles on the topic of Competitive Intelligence (CI) covers those included in the FreePint Topic Series: Next-Generation...