Marc Limacher

Marc Limacher started I.S.I.S. in 1992 as a boutique primary CI speciality firm focusing exclusively on the life sciences (12 therapy areas & med devices) and IT industries.

As a 26-year veteran in the CI and counter-intelligence industry, he has grown I.S.I.S. into a global leader in primary commercial, technology, clinical, and regulatory intelligence & strategic consulting services, counting a select group of global Fortune 100 companies as loyal clients.

As a best practices expert in ethical strategic and tactical Competitive Intelligence (CI) investigations, systematic CI tracking programs, war gaming, and counter-intelligence services, Marc also provides custom seminars to companies and academia.

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Articles by Marc Limacher:

The Importance of Competitive Intelligence in the Biotech Industry
Wednesday, 11th June 2014

Marc Limacher takes a look at the importance of having a systematic competitive intelligence process in place, with a particular focus on companies in the biotech, life sciences and IT industries.

The Case for Systematic Primary Intelligence Tracking with Tangible ROI
Monday, 9th June 2014

Marc Limacher explores the importance of a systematic Competitive Intelligence capability for the biotech and life sciences industry - in order to support future-oriented decisions, to out-think the competition, or allocate R&D resources appropriately. He also highlights how important CI is in the IT industry with its short product lifecycles. The need to adhere to a code of ethics and ways to ethically and legally collect CI data are also discussed.

Developing & Leveraging Your Primary Source Network for High Impact Competitive Intelligence
Thursday, 15th May 2014

Marc Limacher identifies how to cultivate a network of internal and external primary sources for a competitive intelligence early warning system, how to foster a CI culture and how to leverage insights for maximum impact. He demonstrates how human intelligence can provide critical competitive advantage.