Madhu Subramanian

Madhu Subramanian is a market and competitive intelligence manager at Cisco. In the past she has conducted strategic research in the technology and financial services industry at Deloitte and Tiburon Strategic Advisors. Madhu has deep expertise in competitive intelligence, forecasting models, and Excel-based analysis.

Madhu is also passionate about big data analytics and is constantly looking to build her skills in this area. In her spare time, she likes to jog and indulge in interesting DIY projects.

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Articles by Madhu Subramanian:

"Must-Haves" for Your Competitive Intelligence Toolkit
Wednesday, 2nd July 2014

Madhu Subramanian highlights four key sources where Competitive Intelligence professionals can mine information and gain unexpected insights into competitor activities, product and marketing initiatives and executive announcements.

Creative Sources of Competitive Intelligence
Monday, 30th June 2014

In this age of information explosion, traditional sources of intelligence gathering will just not be good enough. Competitive intelligence professionals need to find creative avenues to provide interesting and impactful insights that set them apart from their peers. Madhu Subramanian highlights creative free CI sources available online, including Google Trends and job boards.