Helen Josephine

Helen B. Josephine retired from the Stanford University Libraries in March 2017. She has been a librarian in both academic libraries (Arizona State University, University of Hawaii, Stanford University) and corporate libraries (Intel). Throughout her career she has provided technology and science information services for researchers, faculty and students. She currently works as a consultant in the library/publishing world and is a member of the product advisory group for several publishing and software development companies. She received her MLIS from the University of California Berkeley and completed her Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute.

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Articles by Helen Josephine:

Carving out time for strategic thinking
Friday, 13th July 2018

Setting aside time for strategic planning when projects demand all of your time is challenging. In a recent Jinfo Community session, participants looked at how integrating strategy discussions into stakeholder and team member meetings can help you discover which workflows, products, and services need to be developed or discontinued to align with your future goals, as well as some practical next steps you can follow.

Upgrade communication skills to reshape business interactions
Monday, 4th June 2018

Successful information teams have developed the skills needed to communicate with team members as well as understand information needs and deliver executive-level results. These skills include active listening as well as presenting clear and actionable results. A recent Jinfo Community session looked at what it takes to be an effective team and provided specific actions you can use to upgrade your communication skills.

Streamline your department using the artisan or the optimised model
Wednesday, 16th May 2018

Successful information service teams need to review, optimise and reinvent their service offerings every three years. A recent Jinfo Community session explored this topic and provided specific actions you can take to review your service and optimise your processes, using two main operational models, the artisan process and the optimised process.

Information professionals and their role in analytics use-cases
Monday, 16th April 2018

Developing a use-case is the most important first step in data analytics projects. A recent Jinfo Community session explored this topic and provided some specific actions you can take to begin or enhance their development. These specific actions will help you and your team create a use-case that includes all of the phases of a data project including: developing the initial project goal, determining what datasets are required and providing provisions for ongoing maintenance.

The challenges of data licensing and the information professional's role
Tuesday, 27th February 2018

In the second of three webinars forming part of Jinfo's current Research Focus, "Stake your claim in the success of data analytics", we discussed the challenges information professionals face when successfully managing data licensing for current and future projects. This webinar presented key steps that information professionals can take now to partner with internal stakeholders and external suppliers to create a future that's economically sustainable in terms of data purchasing

Reports by Helen Josephine:

Market landscape - continuing education programmes
Tuesday, 13th February 2018

This market landscape looks at six key institutions that offer either certificates or non-MLIS Master"s degrees. All courses support online learning w...

Market landscape - ebook sources and portals for biopharma and life sciences
Friday, 7th July 2017

This report covers subscription sources for pharma and biotechnology ebooks and portals.

**Pharma and biotechnology content: database platforms and c...

Market landscape - ebook sources and portals for the legal sector
Monday, 29th May 2017

This report covers subscription sources for ebook sources and portals relevant to legal services.

  • Bloomberg Law
  • HeinOnline
  • LexisNexis eBooks -...

Market landscape - ebook sources and portals for business & professional use
Monday, 1st May 2017

This report covers subscription sources for ebook sources and portals relevant to business and professional services users.

Ebook sources

  • Business...

Market landscape - engineering portals
Wednesday, 15th February 2017

Engineering information resources are available as individual ebook titles or packages, covering one or multiple engineering specialities (see [Market...